G-Prize Check-in: How Industrial Microbes Used 500kb of Synthetic DNA

Posted by Nat Connors on 11/15/16 11:00 AM
We caught up with Noah Helman, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Industrial Microbes, to learn how the company has utilized the 500kb of synthetic DNA that the company was awarded in the 4th Annual G-Prize competition for synthetic biology.
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Topics: Synthetic Biology, G-Prize, DNA Synthesis

Past G-Prize Winners: Tanja Kortemme

Posted by The Gen9 Team on 10/29/15 2:39 PM

It’s the annual G-Prize season! For Throwback Thursday this week, we're taking a look back at one of our past G-Prize winners, Tanja Kortemme.

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Topics: G-Prize

Drumroll, Please: Announcing the Third-Annual G-Prize Contest Winners

Posted by The Gen9 Team on 8/5/15 5:16 PM

Today we are proud to announce the winners of our third annual G-Prize, a competition that awards massive amounts of free DNA constructs to support groundbreaking research using synthetic biology. 

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